The Digital Learning Platform for healthcare practitioners:

A digital learning platform that aims to empower healthcare practitioners with essential knowledge and skills required for healthcare practice, and to contribute efficiently and effectively to healthcare transformation 2030.

The platform offers its programs in a highly interactive and flexible method, and through a unique educational experience based on accurate and reliable scientific content that has been developed in cooperation with our trusted partners in the healthcare sector.

The digital learning platform provides a range of training programs, including:


1- Essential skills programs for the healthcare practitioner:

  • Patient Safety

  • Infection Prevention and Control

  • Code Of Ethics for Healthcare Practitioners

  • Communication Skills for Healthcare Practitioners


2- Healthcare transformation programs:

  • Telemedicine Best Practices for Healthcare Providers

  • Health Empowerment for Healthcare professionals


3- COVID-19 Rapid response programs:

  • Medical Volunteer Training Program

  • COVID-19 Critical Care Crash Course