Service Description:

This service allows hosting ToT on the go -Teaching & Assessment workshops in training centers


First stage: Before (receiving the approval)

  1. The training center must be accredited by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties for postgraduate programs or be a scientific committee or a scientific association accredited by SCFHS.

  2. ToT on the Go workshops should target faculty development members involved in medical training for accredited postgraduate programs (program directors, designated Institutional officials (DIO), and trainers).

  3. The canter shall attach the resumes of the accredited trainers and applicant who wishes to be participated as a trainer.

  4. If the center has no accredited trainers, it is advised to view the list of accredited trainers by SCFHS.

  5. The Advisory Committee for Trainer Development Programs will review the application and approves when the rules and conditions are met.

Second stage:

Upon receiving the approval letter to host the training of trainers ToT on the go workshop, please follow the conditions below:

the responsibilities of the applicant:

  1. Submitting a request to accredit the obtained CME hours through Mustamir Platform in a period not less than 21 day before holding the workshop. And entering the CME hours after the finishing the workshop.

  2. Filling the logistics arrangements quality standards assurance form (click here).

  3. If the workshop is held online an attendance link shall be established for both tracks ( education and assessment).

  4. Sending the participants' satisfaction survey after the workshop is finished. (click here).  

  5. Awarding the speaker with financial reward.

  6. Submitting a report after the workshop is finished stating the following: (number of participants, specialization, participant’s name, contact info), for filling the info (click here). 

Applicant Arrangement for the Online workshop:

  1. Preparing the virtual platform link for the participants and ensuring that there is a platform that suits the needs of the interactive workshop as virtual breakout rooms and urging them to keep the cameras open during the workshop.

  2.  Providing administrative and technical support during the training workshop. 

  3. Ensuring the quality of the network.

  4. Sending the attendance of the participant’s booklet and pre-reading materials within no less than one week from the date of the workshop.

Applicant Arrangement during the days of the workshop (in person):

  1. The halls should be equipped with a complete audio-visual system and contain a portable computer, projector, and portable microphones.

  2. Providing suitable halls with a maximum of 30 attendees to benefit from the workshops.

  3. The training center should have 2 certified trainers (facilitators), and the participants should be (15-10) for each certified trainer.

  4. Providing administrative support (admin staff) before and during the training workshop to take the necessary procedures:

  • Registration of applicants while attending the workshop.

  • Distributing any materials or tools related to the training workshop (facing tables and chairs, pens, notepads, and sticky notes).

  • Communicating with members of the Technical Support Team (IT) whenever needed.

     5. Organizing the workshop and offering hospitality for the participants such as breakfast, lunch and coffee during the workshop period.

      Note: The validity of the certificate of attendance for the training of trainers' workshops are 4 years from the issuance date