Business Sector

The Saudi Commission for Health Specialties seeks to provide the best services in the field of health care and meet the needs of sectors through the establishment of the Business Sector with the aim of managing and strengthening relationships specifically with the sectors of health care providers, educational institutions, and stakeholders in the health ecosystem.

The Business Sector aims to:

  1. Support and strengthen relationships with health care providers, educational institutions, and health ecosystem stakeholders.
  2. Analyze the needs and allocate services to sectors.
  3. Build and strengthen partnerships and develop strong and sustainable relationships with organizations through continuous and effective communication.
  4. Cooperate in joint projects that benefit all parties.

At the Business sector, we guarantee health authorities:

  • Providing the main services in SCFHS.
  • Appointing a relationship manager for each sector that represents its voice within SCFHS.
  • Effective communication.
  • Support and consultation
  • Promoting scientific exchange.
  •  Continuous innovation and development.
  •  Coordination of resources and services.


Role of relationship manager in Business sector:

  • Continuous communication, building strong relationships, and ensuring that sectors have easy access to available opportunities and resources. The relationship manager shall also work to develop partnership and cooperation and strengthen this relationship by providing innovative and customized solutions that meet the expectations and requirements of each sector.
  • Working to identify, analyze and understand the specific needs of each sector as well as striving to provide support and address needs effectively and innovatively.
  • Striving for joint success and continuous development of each sector.


For more details, contact the Business Sector via the email