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The student must make up for the period he/she misses, provided that it does not exceed two months and that he/she provides a valid excuse accepted by the center. In case he/she misses more than two months, he/she must redo the whole training period.
  1. Applicants are allowed two attempts to take the Professional Classification Test for a fee of SAR 840. In case the applicant fails both attempts, he/she is given a third exceptional attempt for an additional SAR 600.
  2. If the applicant does not pass the test, he/she must undergo a three-month rehabilitation period (training) before he/she is allowed re-take the test for the fourth time.
  3. If the applicant fails the fourth attempt, he/she must redo a complete academic year (remedial year at the institute, provided that it includes theoretic and practical training as recommended by his/her teachers after studying his/her case), then he/she will be allowed two more attempts (his/her last) for SAR 600.
  4. In case the student fails all the attempts, his/her record will be closed and he/she will be declared unqualified.
Deposit a fee of SAR 300 into SCHS’ bank account. Provide a declaration of lost card in a local newspaper. A letter from the institute. A copy of the compact card.
The student may postpone the training only once.
​The student can postpone his/her study for one academic semester once, provided that he/she submits a postponement request four weeks before the final examinations and provide a valid excuse accepted by the center’s board.
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