• Friday 30 October 2020
  • 09:39 AM

Health Institutes Directorate (Males and Females)

The Health Institutes Directorate Sets the standards for education and training in private health institutes and centers, issues the regulating rules and procedures, accepts license requests for establishing private health institutes and centers or amending current programs and specialties, studies them in light of development requirements and labor market needs and makes recommendations in this regard. Moreover, the Directorate designs and develops unified forms and methods to obtain the required data to assess private health institutes and centers, including teachers, ​trainers, managers, programs, facilities, and used teaching and training technologies. Furthermore, it studies the internal statutes of private health institutes and centers, updates private health institutes and centers’ information and data, coordinates between relevant public and private bodies, and facilitates the exchange of information and experience. Among the most important roles assigned to the Health Institutes Directorate is promoting the role of the private sector in health education and training, responding to enquiries regarding health institutes and centers, studying the referred cases and problems relating to institutes and centers, and suggesting adequate solutions. Private health training facilities are divided into institutes (private health education institutes), which are private institutions that offer regular health education that is above secondary education and below college education, and centers (private health training centers), which are private health education institutions that offer training courses and programs whose duration is less than one year and continuous education courses in the health field.

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