• Friday 30 October 2020
  • 11:18 AM

Facility Accreditation Mechanism

  1. File a formal application with SCFHS for licensing the facility to provide continuous medical education and development activities.
  2. Provide proof that the applying facility has a department for continuous medical education and professional development which is responsible for presenting the activities to SCFHS, and provide the name and contact info of the department head so that his name and signature can be accredited by SCFHS.
  3. Complete the accreditation request form online. (www.scfhs.org.sa/cme)
  4. Comply with the activities specified in the facility's​ accreditation certificate.
  5. Comply with all the terms and conditions stated in the Continuous Medical Education and Professional Development Regulations.
  6. Licensed facilities should apply for re-licensing at least three months before the license's expiration date.

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