• Monday 28 September 2020
  • 12:08 PM

Facility activity accreditation mechanism

​Accreditation mechanism and criteria for activities provided by the provider:
  1. The provider must have a valid SCFHS accreditation number.
  2. The activity accreditation request must be applied by the department of continuous medical education which should be the department authorized to issue the certificate of attendance.
  3. The activities provided must be development activities rather than qualification activities.
  4. The facility must present the complete activity in English to SCFHS, clearly state its objectives and identify the target category.
  5. Submit the request online at least three weeks in advance; otherwise the request will be automatically declined.
  6. Domestic activities are only held all year long. The activity must be completed before the end of the year; and it can only be provided again by submitting a new accreditation request.
  7. The lecturer must be a qualified, experienced specialist in the field.
  8. If the provider wishes to provide the same activity more than once during the year, this must be expressed in the application, the date and location of the activity must be specified and the complete fees must be paid to receive the accreditation numbers for the number of times the activity is re-provided.
  9. The accredited activity must be held in the specified time and location. The activity cannot be redone, postponed or cancelled without notifying SCFHS at least two weeks in advance.
  10. The provider shall state in all its advertisements that the activity is accredited by SCFHS. Certificates of attendance and lecturers' certificates must show the number and date of accreditation, the number of credit hours and SCFHS' logo.
  11. The provider must register the names of attendees automatically using the system adopted by SCFHS.
  12. Certificates of attendance shall be awarded only to participants who attend the whole activity; otherwise the actual credit hours attended by each practitioner must be indicated.
  13. SCFHS recommends providers to use the certificates available on SCFHS' website/continuous medical education and professional development page (for participants and lecturers). It is preferable that certificates are issued in English.

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