• Sunday 29 March 2020
  • 12:43 AM

General Regulations for Attending Activities


  1. SCFHS shall be entit​led to determine the number of approved hours based on an expert committee's decision, which may differ from the number of hours indicated in the certificate.

  2. SCFHS shall have the right to ignore late or incomplete applications, applications submitted during or after the activity, or applications for scientifically inadequate activities.

  3. Organizing bodies shall not announce any activity as accredited before it receives final accreditation by SCFHS or granted permission to execute.

  4. SCFHS shall be responsible only for accrediting the activity; it shall not be responsible for contacting lecturers from the Kingdom or abroad. The responsibility to do so shall rest with the provider.

  5. Shall the provider violate these Instructions, SCFHS shall have the right to take appropriate measures and revoke accreditation if necessary.

  6. Credit hours must be completed during the relicensing period.

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