• Sunday 29 March 2020
  • 12:02 AM

General Rules for the health practitioner when attending activities

  1. Make sure that the activity is SCFHS accredited by visiting SCFHS' website/continuous medical education and professional development page and checking the activity's data (name, location and date).
  2. The activity should be within practitioner's specialty.
  3. Ensure that the activity meets the number of hours required by Article 15 of the table.
  4. Fully attend the activity, based on the duration required by SCFHS.
  5. Make sure to receive a certificate of attendance that carries SCFHS' logo, shows the activity's accreditation number and date, and signed by the department head accredited by SCFHS to organize the activity.
  6. As for domestic activities, SCFHS only requires the letter or certificate issued by the academic affairs department or department head, provided that it shows the accreditation number and date, and the actual number of hours attended during the year.
  7. SCFHS does not accept handwritten or scanned certificates.
  8. The practitioner can attend each accredited course once.
  9. All the above-mentioned provisions apply to attending activities abroad, provided that they are provided by accredited scientific health institutions. The practitioner must submit a certificate of attendance that shows the number of credit hours or enclose the scientific program of the activity.

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