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A. Instructions are available in the Professional Classification Guide as well as on our website.
A. Registration means creating a record for the practitioner in SCFHS’ database, in order to make it easier to monitor his/her career, and informing the practitioner of the Code of Ethics for health professions in the Kingdom. Professional registration is mandatory.​

A. Classification means determining the practitioner’s professional level according to his/her qualification, experience and the evaluation done by SCFHS. It is now mandatory for all practitioners in both the public and private sectors.
A. Practitioners are classified based on their qualifications and experience, which determine the chosen mechanism of test (CBT, Written or interview).​
Answer : through the unified portal for practi​tioners services Mumaris plus.
A. Different kinds of tests are held by SCFHS, namely:

Witten tests: held quarterly at SCFHS, in certain locations and for certain specialties.

1- Computer-based tests (CBT): delivered by Prometric, held for most specialties at Prometric testing centers in SCFHS branches (Jeddua, Khobar, Riyadh, Abha and Jizan), while partner centers deliver the test in other areas.

2- Assessments or interviews: practitioners are assessed by a recognized committee in a hospital located in the practitioner's country of residence.

A. Qualification and experience requirements found in the Professional Classification Guide available online, such as the application form, ID, and application fees.
A. SCFHS revokes practitioners’ medical licenses based on any of the following:

1- Noncompliance with the Code of Ethics.
2- Disease-related reasons, such as transmissible diseases, which could be transmitted to patients.
3- Failure to carry out the profession’s tasks.
4- Public Interest.
5- Failing the professional evaluation done by SCFHS.
6- Fake qualifications or experience certificates.
A: SCFHS is responsible for the professional rank in all specialties, such as: technician, specialist, senior specialist, assistant, senior assistant and consultant. While assigning job titles such as department head, director, technical supervisor or chief physician is not part of SCFHS' responsibilities.​
A. SCFHS inserts the names of banned practitioners into a list connected to the system, and sends the list to the competent authorities, who follow up with the agencies responsible for licensing practitioners in both the private and public sectors. SCFHS also informs the General Directorate of Health Affairs of the names and data of banned practitioners (such as passport or residence number). Then, it is up to the regulatory committees assigned by the General Directorate of Medical Licenses and Pharmaceutical Affairs at the Ministry of Health which make sure that unqualified practitioners do not practice. In case of violations, the penalty depends on the individual case and the kind of violation.​

Answer : through the unified portal for practitioners services Mumaris plus.

Answer: Yes .through the unified portal for practitioner Mumaris plus . ​​

After getting your proper professional classification, and once you arrived to the kingdom, you can apply from professional registration service through Mumaris plus . ​​

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