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Professional Classification

​​​​​​​​​Professional Classification ​Requirements​ for Physicians and Dentists:

1- Qualification(s) to be classified on​: 

  • Provide Official qualification(s) certificate issued by the certificate authority showing the following details: certificate date, graduation date, qualification title, and specialty.               

  • Provide all the qualifications required for the requested rank. For example, requesting to be classified as a subspecialty consultant will require the provision of the bachelor's degree, general specialty degree, and subspecialty degree.  

  • Provide all qualifications obtained prior to the qualification requested to be classified on.

2- Qualification(s) Verification             ​

  • The qualification verification report issued by the verification company recognized by SCFHS is required for the following cases: 

  1.  Verification report for the bachelor's degree if the classification request is based on a bachelor's degree only. 

  2. Verification report for the postgraduate qualification(s) only if the classification request is based on that postgraduate qualification only.                   

  • The following cases are exempted from this requirement:  

  1. Saudi applicants who provided an equivalency certificate from the Ministry of Education for academic qualifications obtained from another country. 

  2.  Recognized qualifications awarded by academic or medical professional organizations within the Kingdom.  

3- Ministry Of Education Equivalency For Academic Health Qualifications ​

Equivalency certificate issued by the Ministry of education for academic qualifications obtained by Saudi citizens from another country (Bachelor - Doctor of - high diploma - Master - Ph.D.).​

4- Formal Description Of Training Or Passed Courses Of The Certification, Especially For Clinical Training Required For Postgraduate Certificates​

  • Provide an academic transcript for academic Certificate (Bachelor - Doctor of - high diploma - Master - Ph.D.) showing program details, duration, and practical training description or internship.

  • Provide training completion certificate issued for the trainee after completing the training for Professional Certificates (Fellowship, Certificate of specialization or Board) indicating the following program details program duration, enrollment date, and program completion date.

5- Registration Certificate / Professional Practice License With Verification Report​

  • Valid professional registration certificate/ license issued by a relevant official authority in the applicant's country of practice prior to arriving in the Kingdom and a verification report issued by the SCFHS recognized company for that professional registration certificate/ license. 

  •  If there is no authority providing registration certificate/ license, then the applicant should submit an evidence document issued by the country's Ministry of Health indicating that their country does not have such issuing authority and provide verification report from the recognized verification company for the experience letter only.​

6- Experience Letter: 

  •  A minimum of one year of experience for non-Saudis except graduates of Saudi Universities. 

  • Experience is not required from Saudis however there should be no discontinuation of professional practice for more than 2 years. 

  • Written evidence of the required work experience for the requested rank should be provided based on executive regulations of professional classification and registration.

7- Employer Identification Letter  ​

  •  Issued by (personnel, human resources department or equivalent within the institution) within the 3 months preceding the submission of the application. 

  •  Confirms clinical practice in the field of specialization with the mention of the professional category and the employment start date.​

8- Medical Report  ​

For applicants over 65 years of age.   ​​​

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