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Saudi Board Examination


Part I Exam:

Saudi Board's Part I exam involves health and fundamental sciences related to the specialty, it does not involve other postgraduate training programs such as diplomas and fellowships.

Exam Access Conditions:

  1. Completion of 9 months of training in any of Saudi Board programs.
  2. Valid registration in one of the Commission's postgraduate programs.
  3. Any further conditions set by the Learning and Training Council.
  4. Applying online when the application opens.


Annual Promotion Exam:

The annual promotion exam aims to evaluate the trainee and ensure he/she has the required knowledge and skills in that year.

Final Exam:

The general goal of the final exam is to ensure that the trainee has the required competence with the intended specialty along with determining his/her eligibility for taking the final exam.

Exam Prerequisites:

  1. Completion of the program's training period.
  2. Completion of any other requirements set by some of the Scientific Council​s like (researches, publications, books, cases, lists and procedures).
  3. If the trainee does not pass the final written exam in the specified period of time, he/ she should request exam eligibility renewal from the Central Training Committee before taking the exam to allow sufficient time. It is up to the committee to renew his/her exam eligibility for one extendable year or to refuse the renewal and request completion of an extra training period at a satisfactory level.  
  4. Applying online when the application is open.


Final Clinical Exam:

The aim of the final clinical exam is to determine the trainee's ability to practice the profession safely and independently and to ensure that the trainee has the required clinical competency.  

The following forms of evaluation will be undertaken for the final clinical exam:

  1. Objective structured clinical examination (OSCE).

  2. Standardized oral examination (SOE).

Exam Prerequisites:

  1. Pass the final written exam of the Saudi Board Programs /fellowships /diplomas.

  2. The trainee can have a maximum of three exam attempts to pass the clinical exam in order to obtain a specialty certificate during the period assigned by the Council of Education and Training in the rules of procedure.  

  3. The trainee is not allowed to enter the clinical exam of the Saudi Board after exhausting all attempts.


Pre-Exam Instructions for Final Clinical Exam Applicants:

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