• Thursday 29 July 2021
  • 04:04 PM


​​Important Information on Covid-19 for Potential Test-Takers (Precautionary Measures)

At SCFHS, your health and safety come first. We are closely following guidance and implementing health and safety measures to ensure our community's continued well-being.

To decrease the risk of virus transmission, we will be ensuring that:

  • All health and safety measures are communicated to our candidates before the exam.

  • Our exam sites are cleaned and sanitized before, during, and after each exam.

  • Physical distancing protocols related to waiting areas and seating are instituted.

  • The total number of candidates present at the exam sessions does not exceed our exam sites' officially permitted capacity.

  • Hand sanitizing gel and disinfectant wipes are available at the registration desk and all exam sites.

    As a candidate, you are requested to:

  • Use appropriate masks at all times. For current examinations, this will include the use of a disposable (nonmedical) face mask that covers the mouth, nose, and chin.

  • Keep a safe distance from other candidates while standing in a queue or entering or leaving the exam sites.

  • Strictly adhere to hand hygiene measures. Candidates will be asked to use alcohol-based hand sanitizers at the beginning of the examination.

  • Cooperate with our staff, as there will be temperature checks before entering the exam hall, and it might add a little waiting time in the queues.​

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