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Daem Service

Defining the Initiative:


The health training stage is one of the most important stages of a practitioner's life, through which knowledge, skills, and a personality capable of overcoming professional challenges are built. Therefore, the trainee might experience some psychological pressure that might affect his training path as well as his career. It might take some specific forms such as anxiety, depression, or even psychological and professional burnout.

Psychological and professional burnout is defined as a state of emotional, intellectual and physical exhaustion, which is used by the individual as a form of expression towards his career as a response to pressure and chronic organizational relationships. Many studies have shown that a high percentage of psychological and professional burnout are among health practitioners, especially trainees, which may reach more than half in some studies.

As we in The Saudi Commission for Health Specialties are very keen to provide all that supports the trainee on the academic and psychological level, the SCFHS has launched a program (Daem) to support the trainees, through which trainee obtains all the necessary support while ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of his personal information.


Finally, we assure you that SCFHS seeks to look after the nation's wealth of its trainees and helps them to succeed and overcome the difficulties during the training period.


1-            Establishing a supportive and inspirational environment to the trainee away from any pressures or professional burnout through rules and regulations and specific services.

2-            Providing interactive guidance services for the trainee who has requested the service.

3-            Create a field survey periodically to get the real statistics of the size and reasons of the pressures and the professional burnout, and set procedures to solve it.


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