• Thursday 29 July 2021
  • 02:55 PM

Master degree application for dental specialties description

Services Description

​Terms of Submission
1. The applicant has the right to apply in a specialization that extends to the basic specialization in the Master only. 2. Curriculum vitae (abbreviated). 3. A copy of the bachelor's degree with the academic record. 4. A copy of the Master's Certificate (or certificate of certificate source on condition of termination of the master's degree said to start the program) with the academic record. 5. Attach a copy of the professional classification of the bachelor's and master's degree (undertaking to terminate the classification before the beginning of the program - click here to print the undertaking) 6. Initial approval from the employer. 7. A copy of the personal identity (the national ID card for Saudi and Gulf nationals - residence for non-Saudis).
8. Three recommendations from consultants who worked with them in the same specialization. 9. The applicant must provide a training seat from one of the recognized training centers and not exceed the capacity of the center (attach the seat letter). 10. Deadline for submission 27 June 2019

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