• Tuesday 23 October 2018
  • 05:48 PM

Master degree application for dental specialties description

Services Descripation

​Terms of Submission
1. Apply for a specialization that matches the Master's degree.
2. The applicant has the right to apply in a specialization that extends to the basic specialization in the Master only. 
3. Curriculum vitae (abbreviated). 
4. Copy of the bachelor's degree with the academic record. 
5. Copy of the Master's Degree with the academic record. 
6. Attach a copy of the professional classification of the bachelor's and master's degrees (Pledge to terminate the rating before the start of the program - click here​ to print the pledge -)​ .
7. Initial approval from the employer.
8. Copy of personal identification (Saudi ID card - passport and residence for non-Saudis). 
9. Three recommendations from consultants who worked with them in the same specialization.
10. The applicant must provide a training seat from one of the accredited training centers and not exceed the capacity of the center (attach the seat letter). 
11. Deadline for submission Thursday 12/7/2018.​

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