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Speciality Transfer Description

Services Description

Through this service, the coordinator of the establishment is allowed to register the attendance of the actual practitioners of an activity approved by the Authority within a specified period from the date of termination of the activity.

- The trainee is given one opportunity to transfer between specializations during registration in the programs of the Commission.

- The trade-off between transfer requests will be based on the following mechanism:

1) The composite grade of the following standards:

A 50% of the valid SLE test.

B. 30% of the cumulative rate of the bachelor's degree.

C. 20% CV for the year (the CV can be found on the following link, click here to view the CV brochure.

2) The trainee obtains the approval of his employer.

3) The local supervision committee of the training group will be notified of the transferred specialization if the transfer request is accepted.​

4) The Council / Scientific Committee for the new specialization may calculate what it considers from the previous training period and determine the appropriate level of enrollment of trainee in the program. 5) The trainee will continue training in his program which is transferred from it to the end of the training year, and the same applies to the remaining trainees of the laws, obligations and penalties. 6) The new program transferred to it is started at the beginning of the training year. 7) The Department of Admissions and Registration shall issue a notice to transfer the trainee in the specialization after he has completed all the transfer procedures. 8) The applicant must complete the registration requirements.

9) The person who obtains approval for the change of specialization will have to acknowledge in writing the waiver of the current specialization and approval of withdrawal from it in accordance with the procedures mentioned in the executive rules for training (change of training center and specialization)​

10) Timetable:

- Open the change of specialization gate (to convert) Sunday 27 2019Jan.

  2019 Feb16. Close the gate Saturday -

- Announcing the names of the candidates for interviews on Sunday 10 2019March.

- Period of interviews from Sunday to Thursday, 11-17March-2019April.

- Closing the candidates' portal to arrange the priority of the positions Thursday, 11 2019April

11) Trainees are only required to submit requests for transfer through this portal.

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