• Monday 22 October 2018
  • 01:06 AM

Speciality Transfer Application Description

Services Descripation
Through this service, the coordinator of the establishment is allowed to register the attendance of the actual practitioners of an activity approved by the Authority within a specified period from the date of termination of the activity.

1. Request to change specialty can be accommodated based on the availability of seats in the program.

2. Apart from meeting all requirements of admission, the applicant must get an approval from the local committee of the program he/she is transferring to.

3.The applicant must undergo interviews and also suffice the requirements put forward by the committee.

4.The submission of application alone does not guarantee admission.  All requirements set must be met by the candidate to be eligible for final approval.

5.The applicant must produce his / her employer's approval.

6. Previous local committee will be notified after change of specialty.

7. It is up to the discretion of the Scientific board / committee to recognize or decline the training period of trainee in his / her previous program.

8. All trainees including transferees from other specialties will start his or her new program at the beginning of academic year. Until then, all transferees must continue in their current training program to avoid penalty.

9. SCFHS permits only one-time option to transfer from one program to another.

10. The Registration and admission department will be the authority to issue the acceptance letter.

11.If you want to transfer from specialty to another one , you need to meet the registration requirements​

12. Registration in request to change specialty is only through the website available from May 22 till Jun 03, year 2018.​

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