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Create Eligibility Number for Applicant from outside KSA


Dear Practitioner

| All health practitioners wishing to work in the health sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are required by Saudi law to obtain a certificate of professional classification and registration from SCFHS

| Among the requirements to issue certificate of professional classification from SCFHS are passing the Saudi Licensing Examination (SLE) and verifying the qualification certificate to be classified

| SCFHS provides computer-based SLE and verification of the qualification certificate electronically for overseas practitioners, and it issues practitioners an eligibility number to complete these requirements, through its eService portal 

| The practitioner has only three attempts to pass the SLE 

| In the event where the practitioner does not pass the SLE from the first and second attempts, he/she can apply for the paid eligibility number reactivation through e-services to obtain an exceptional third attempt to pass the exam

| The results of SLE and the certificate verification will be sent to applicant`s e-mail, in addition he/she can follow-up all requests through SCFHS e-account. For those who passed the SLE and certificate verification can complete the rest of the requirements upon arrival to KSA, and issue their registration card by re-visiting their e-account

| To issue eligibility numbers for the SLE and certificate verification, please login to (Mumaris) eService system on the website of SCFHS and open a personal e-account for you in the SCFHS portal to be able to obtain the services, or click here​.​

Create Eligibility Number for Applicant from outside KSA user guide​:

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