• Thursday 29 July 2021
  • 02:29 PM

Unified National Clinical Coding Program-The second installment


 What is Clinical Coding?                           ​

Clinical Coding ranks as one of the most promising careers around the world. In fact, it is now considered a high-demand profession and the role of coders has become more important than ever. Clinical Coding involves reviewing, analyzing, and translating medical information from a patient’s health record into alphanumeric/numeric codes, using a complex health classification system. The resulting data provides comprehensive quality information that is used for direct patient care, physician and hospital reimbursement, research, decision making and health system planning.


Academic admission criteria:

1-      Bachelor's degree in the following:

         - Biology

         - Microbiology

         - Biotechnology

         - Physics

 ​        - Chemistry

         - Biochemistry

          - English

2-      English requirements:

         IELTS over all band score 4.5 or equivalent

3-      Saudi nationality

4-      Unemployed

There might be additional institutional requirements ​

Application sorting process:

 Applicants will be sorted out in a stepped approach using English score and GPA. ​


        1- Ministry of Health 

        2- Saudi Health Council 




​For contact and inquiries about admission to the program, please click here​​

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