• Saturday 20 October 2018
  • 11:06 PM

Classification and Registration Card Renewal Service

Classification and registration card renewal service is available online for those who already have a professional classification and registration in the SCFHS and have activated their accounts in Mumaris System.
 The practitioner needs to meet all requirements of card renewal service that are mentioned in the 
“Guideline of Professional Classification and Registration For Health Practitioners” to apply online and submit the request. 
After reviewing and approving the request by the concerned SCFHS staff, the practitioner will receive a notification message to pay the necessary fees and receive the card through SMSA Express or one of SCFHS branches, as per delivery method preference.

Note: The practitioner must prepare the attachments in a PDF format to upload instantly during the service request.
Attachment Requirements for re-registration

1- Certificates of CME activities, during the previous registration period (in the absence of the required hours in your electronic account), except for the excluded practitioners who are mentioned in the professional classification and registration guide.

2- Valid identification letter issued by the employer, showing that the practitioner is continuing his practice in his specialty.

3- Recent 4*6 passport size photograph - JPEG format.

4- Valid (BLS) Certificate. Issued by the Saudi Heart Association for those who received it from within KSA.​

5- Medical report for those exceeding 65 years of age from an institution other than his/her own

6- ACLS course + either ITLS course or PHTLS course, for paramedic technicians/specialists.

7- Dataflow verification certificate, OR certificate equivalency ((bachelor, masters, PhD) from the Ministry of Higher Education for Saudis who got their certificates from outside KSA), if it has not been submitted to the SCFHS previously.

8- A copy of the national ID (for Saudis)/ Iqama (for non-Saudis).

9- Medical insurance against mal-practice for physicians and dentists, covering the period of the requested re-registration.

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