• Sunday 21 October 2018
  • 06:23 PM

Classification and Registration Card Extension/Update Service

SCFHS provides professional classification and registration card extension/update for those who already have a SCFHS professional classification and registration SCFHS but received their cards with place of work as “Not Working” . To apply for this service prepare the following attachments:

Original reference letter issued by the employer showing that the practitioner is continuing his/her practice in his/her specialty.
| Copy of National ID (for Saudi ) / Iqama (for Non Saudi).
| Recent 4*6 passport size photograph - JPEG format
Once your request is received by SCFHS you will receive an email and SMS to pay the service fees to complete your request, and you can check your application status through your account at SCFHS portal.

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 Classification and Registration Card Extension/Update Service user guide​:


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