• Monday 22 October 2018
  • 01:05 AM

SCFHS’ Professional Classification Committee Approves Several Controls to Prevent Cheating and Impersonation during Tests

Date of test: 16/Jumada Al-Thani/1432.
In its first ordinary meeting in 1431 AH, SCFHS Professional Classification Committee issued several decisions applying to applicants caught cheating or impersonating in the tests held directly by the Committee or at Prometric.
The decisions were as follows:
  1. If a non-Saudi is caught cheating, he/she is denied the test and his/her name is listed on the banned practitioners list.
  2. If a Saudi citizen is caught cheating, he/she is denied the test for one year and required to pass a nine-month training course at a recognized hospital.
  3. If a Saudi citizen is caught cheating for the second time, he/she is permanently denied the test and considered unqualified to work in the health field.
  4. Cases of impersonation shall be reported to the competent authorities to take the required measures.
  5. This decision shall take effect as of the date of the aforementioned Committee meeting.

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