• Thursday 28 May 2020
  • 10:02 PM

About Classification and Registration

The Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCFHS), based on its belief in the important role it was assigned in the field of health professions and in order to accomplish the tasks it was entrusted carefully and honestly, appreciates the trust granted by our prudent government pursuant to Royal Decree No. M/2, dated 6/2/1413 AH. Accordingly, SCFHS believes that it should start off with addressing the goals related to establishing the appropriate standards and criteria for the practice of health professions and classification of health-related degree holders into the appropriate professional levels according to their academic qualifications and practical skills, as it is axiomatic that any shortcoming in professional practice will endanger the human lives in our dear country.
SCFHS, in an effort to put things in perspective and establish general rules for dealing with health practitioners according to their qualifications and experience, set the required criteria and procedures to notarize health-related degrees, assess their holders’ professional abilities and classify them accordingly. Therefore, SCFHS established several, accurate and objective criteria for assessing pre-graduation training and post-graduation experience and certifying practitioners. Noting that the minimum requirements for qualification for any professional level are the programs approved by the Kingdom, as they are considered the benchmarks for all degrees that need to be classified. It should be noted, and stressed, that SCFHS does not mean to belittle or question the academic competence of any institution whatsoever; the purpose is to put everyone in the place they deserve due to the great disparity in training methods and periods across countries, distinguish those who are competent and up-to-date with the latest developments in the field, and nominate strong and honest practitioners who can be entrusted with human lives in the healthcare sector to assume roles appropriate to their abilities. Moreover, we would like to note that the ad hoc committees responsible for the evaluation of professional abilities and capacities, assessment tests and professional classification, aim to ensure the required basis for safe practice, away from verbal complexity and sheer academics. 
HE the Minister of Health, the Chair person of Board of Trustees of SCFHS, issued decision No. 9A/28, dated 12/4/1428 AH, adopting the Professional Classification and Registration Guide and authorizing the Executive Board of SCFHS to adopt any future changes made to the Guide, in order to keep up with new developments relating to professional classification or registration.

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