• Monday 28 September 2020
  • 10:33 AM

Examination Directorate

The Examination Directorate is one of SCHS’ main directorates. The Examination Directorate administers, organizes and supervises examinations, corrects papers and determines results. The Directorate also assesses all practitioners in the different fields to ensure that their professional level qualifies them to practice in the Kingdom. Moreover, the Directorate administers, organizes and supervises the Saudi Specialty Certification Examinations. The Directorate plans to computerize all of its examinations, and to this end, will open online examination centers in main branches. One of the Directorate’s strategic goals is to establish oral clinical examination centers (OCEC) for the Saudi Specialty Certification final examinations. The Directorate, in cooperation with the relevant committees, regularly reviews and updates question banks in order to keep up with scientific developments in health disciplines. A specialized team monitors the tasks assigned to the Directorate.

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