• Thursday 09 April 2020
  • 10:38 PM

Executive Board

​ ​​The SCFHS Executive Board is responsible for scientific, training and technical affairs pertaining to training programs, examinations and continuous education programs, approving regulations, standards, and criteria for practicing health professions, m​onitoring the implementation of annual plans and programs, and making the necessary decisions to achieve SCFHS’ objectives and purposes.


  • Develop, approve and supervise specialized professional health programs     

  • Set the regulations governing training programs, health-related majors and examinations     

  • Develop and approve the policy for co​ntinuous education programs     

  • Suggest the development of new scientific boards. Award specialized professional degrees

  •    Approve the number and topics for health seminars and conferences overseen by SCFHS and coordinate between health institutions in this regard.Approve the standards and criteria suggested for practicing health
    professions and their code of ethics.

  • Study and approve recommendations that could improve the level of performance in health professions.

  • Set the fees for membership, examination, evaluation and other services.

  • Set the regulation governing the issuance of specialized periodicals by scientific boards.Suggest
    amendments for SCFHS’ executive statute.

  • Endorse SCFHS’ draft

  • budget.

  •  Approve the balance sheet.

  • Suggest amendments for SCFHS’ internal statute.

  • Discuss SCFHS’ draft five-year general and annual plans in coordination and cooperation with SCFHS’ different administrative units.

  • Approve work procedure guides in SCFHS’ different administrative units.

  • Approve the forms used within the different administrative units.

  • Study suggestions and recommendations that could improve SCFHS’ administrative and financial performance.​

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