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Secretary-General of Saudi Health Specialties: We’re witnessing specific move and we try hard for performance development

06 November 2016

The Secretary-General of Saudi Commission for Health Specialties Prof Dr. Ayman Asaad Abdo, has emphasized the importance of specific move, which the Commission is “witnessing” on customers service level, achieving aspirations of Health Practitioners, developing Commission’s performance and depending on technology in achieving that related to the visitors, showing that that the Commission gives great importance to customers service and considers it of its priorities towards those for whom it works, pointing out the “Commission’s” rapid effort towards developing its performance, and receiving suggestions raising the performance, indicating that the “Commission” works diligently to achieve the goals of Kingdom vision 2030 in relation to increasing the efficiency of health sector, and enhancing capabilities of national staffs through training programs offered by the Commission.


During fifth meeting of Academic Affairs Directors, Training and Postgraduate Studies Directors held at Marriot Hotel Courtyard in Riyadh on (Tuesday) attended by more than 90 Academic Affairs Directors, Training and Postgraduate Studies Managers, and elite of Physicians and Specialists in the Kingdom, he stated that what has been achieved by the “Commission” during last six months confirms this specific move and its importance, where goals and initiatives have been redrafted, and deep analysis was made for internal and external auditing, and convenience with 2030 vision, making dialogue with health sectors directors in western and eastern regions, and redesigning the organizational chart, determining change core sections, which are eight sections, which will raise Commission’s performance, as well as making more consultations and dialogue with employees, detailing standard comparison, and working with one of companies to redraft performance indicators, goals, projects management cards, pointing out that the Commission’s important goal is to protect and enhance health in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through health staffs qualified on high standards and best practices.


He added that the values on which the Commission works is professionalism, quality, innovation and patients’ protection, however, the eight change core sections are focusing on customers’ care, consolidation with community, enhancing patients’ safety, building modern administrative environment, to become leaders in information technology, relying on data, employees’ care and Commission to be for all those working in health sector.


The Secretary-General of Saudi Commission for Health Specialties, said that the Commission will work on re-forming the Commission and through enhancing communication, public relations, marketing, setting up external marketing and cooperation section, making active creative strategies for marketing, communication and utilizing the occasion of passing 25 years on Commission setup in order to re-form its identity, and developing plans of public relations.


In relation to building local and international value and trust, Dr. Ayman Abdo has stressed to the importance of Saudi Board, indicating that the Commission will act on developing creative and innovative methods to market Saudi Board certificate identity and methodology, and creating methods so as to market the Saudi Professional License texts identity.


Dr. Ayman Abdo, has expressed his thanks and appreciation to the audience for enriching this meeting, he has also expressed his thanks to all Officials of training process in Commission’s program including academic boards and committees and Commission’s employees for efforts they have made, emphasizing the importance of discussions and suggestions contributing in progressing Commission’s function, health sector serve and contribution in raising the efficiency of Health Practitioners.


From his part, the Deputy Secretary-General of Saudi Commission for Health Specialties Dr. Sulaiman Omran Al-Omran, in his speech to the permanent committee of training programs’ directors, has stressed on the importance of academic affairs directors’ meeting, and what will be achieved through it, pointing out that the Commission for Health Specialties attaches great importance to the meeting through which discussion are made and suggestions increasing the performance are showed. He mentioned the achievements, which the permanent committee has achieved to the training programs managers during the last two years, showing that the relationship between Academic Affairs and Commission for Health Specialties have largely progressed than before, expressing the efforts made aiming to develop performance of which the most important ones is academic affairs directors’ meeting.

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