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“Saudi Commission for Health Specialties” and King Fahad Medical City agree to enhance the level of Nursing

27 October 2016

Starting from activating its plan in communication and concentration on that concerns, benefits and increases the efficiency of Health Practitioner, the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties has signed with King Fahad Medical City (Tuesday) the memorandum of understanding to setup a training program at King Fahad Medical City in order to enhance the level of newly graduated Nursing Specialist, at King Fahad Medical City HQ in Riyadh.


The memorandum of understanding discussed before several months, aims to setup purposeful training program to strength graduates of Nursing Colleges and raising their professional level, and including them in health job and to utilize their services after verifying presence of their safe practicing.


The Secretary-General of Saudi Commission for Health Specialties Prof Dr. Ayman Asaad Abdo, has clarified that the Commission is the body concerned with accrediting Health Practitioners to work in the kingdom, pointing out that the memorandum of understanding with King Fahad Medical City comes in the framework of Commission’s attempt towards achieving the fifth strategic goal of Ministry of Health within Kingdom Vision goals 2030 aiming to provide a Saudi qualified staffs in nursing field, and in the framework of its lasting cooperation with leading medical centers to implement training programs in order to achieve the desired goals in qualifying Saudi health staffs, pointing out that the Commission believes in the importance of safe health practice to the Health Practitioner prior including them in health job.


The Secretary-General has extended his extreme thanks to Dr. Mahmoud Al-Yamani about efforts made by King Fahad Medical City to complete the memorandum of understanding, which will be positively reflected to the health sector in general and to King Fahad Medical City particularly.


From his part, the Deputy Secretary-General Prof Dr. Sulaiman Omran Al-Omran stated that the memorandum of understanding will lead to training program aiming to strengthen Graduates of Nursing Colleges and including them in health job and to utilize their services after verifying availability of safe health practice, indicating that King Fahad Medical City enjoys with distinguished financial and human capabilities and it aware the importance of qualifying Saudi staffs specialized in nursing field so as to fill shortage from which the health services in the kingdom suffer.


Also, Dr. Mahmoud Abduljabbar Yamani – Executive Director General of King Fahad Medical City has extended his thanks and appreciation to the Commission of Health Specialties for effort it makes in the field of qualifying and training national staffs in order to enter in medical field in the kingdom, considering that these good efforts increase the efficiency of health sector and produce highly qualified staffs.


It is worth mentioning that the Commission of Health Specialties will support financially implementation of each course, it will also provide King Fahad Medical City with exam results analysis of this category and to provide consultations and support during program implementation period, and coordination to hold periodic meetings with programs officials.


While King Fahad Medical City will be in-charge of announcing opening admission door, receiving applicants’ files, implementing the program, determining names of teaching staff members, appointment of program manager, forming training committee, and organizing workshops, providing office support, providing Commission for Health Specialties with program’s monthly report, names of trainees who have completed whole program and emphasizing the trainees on the necessity of passing accreditation exam.

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