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“Saudi Commission for Health Specialties” holds the 1st Pharmacists Meeting in Riyadh

26 October 2016

Saudi Commission for Health Specialties, has held on last Monday, the Pharmacists meeting entitled “Pharmacy .. Challenges and Proposals” attended by (Commission’s) Secretary-General Prof Dr. Ayman Asaad Abdo, with participation of a number of Colleges of Pharmacy Deans as well as a number of notable persons in Pharmacy in the kingdom, Pharmacists and Officials of the (Commission) at (Commission’s) Headquarters in Diplomatic Quarter, Riyadh.


Prof Dr. Ayman Asaad Abdo, has discussed the role of Commission for Health Specialties and its efforts in accreditation and registration, specifying the importance of Pharmacy Specialty and Commission’s adherence to confront challenges facing the specialty, and starting to activate Commission’s plan for openness to the Health Practitioners and focusing on knowing their needs and to deal with challenges, pointing out that such meetings aim to development and collecting proposals.


From his part, the Assistant Secretary-General for Professional Accreditation and Registration Dr. Yasser Abdulaziz Tashkandi, has discussed accreditation and registration mechanism for Pharmacy certificates and challenges it faces, emphasizing the necessity of understanding specialty related changes, and Commission’s adherence to Pharmacists’ proposals in order to develop accreditation and registration mechanism.


Whilst the Chairman of Pharmacists Scientific Council Dr. Ahmed Hamdan Al-Jedaya, has confirmed the importance of openness to Pharmaceutical Leaders and Pharmacists, indicating the positive role of Saudi Commission for Health Specialties in relation to Registration and Accreditation, reviewing some regulations and rules related to accreditation and registration.


Discussions were done during the meeting, which have emphasized the importance of creating new names for different Pharmacy Sections in agreement with current latest developments, so that accreditations of Pharmacists to be as follows: Pharmacist, Senior Pharmacist and Consultant, associated with precise specialty name, proposing new names for other specialties supporting Pharmacy.


The meeting has focused on the necessity of abidance by the regulation providing that the Pharmacist accreditation is given to the person holds Bachelor degree in Pharmacy; also the regulation has given the Commission of Health Specialties the right to review the degrees.


Also, the meeting has discussed that has been agreed upon between Commission of Health Specialties and a number of British Universities to apply Commission’s standards in relation to curriculums and training for specialty.


So, a number of audience has welcomed the Commissions’ initiative for holding the meeting with Pharmacists, confirming the importance of continuation of such meetings in future due to it benefit to the profession, patient and practitioners.

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