• Monday 23 April 2018
  • 02:11 PM

"Health Specialties" stop printing traditional cards for health practitioners ,and Start with "electronic"

30 December 1899

​​The Saudi Commission for Health Specialties has adopted the electronic card for health practitioners starting Sunday, so that the relevant authorities that are affiliated with the Authority can verify the license to practice the profession electronically without having to use the traditional card.

The Secretary General of the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties, Dr. Ayman bin Asaad Abdu, stressed that the work of the e-card comes within the framework of the Authority's efforts to facilitate the process of electronic connectivity with the relevant authorities in order to achieve the objectives of "Vision 2030".

He pointed out that this procedure, as it is important to ensure that the registration of health practitioners in the Authority's records in all categories, is important for the employees, as they will be able to check the validity of the card and its information at http://webapi.scfhs.org. Sa / cards, while the health practitioner can finish the procedure and print the card electronically through a "practitioner" system.

The Secretary-General noted the efforts made by the various government departments working with the Authority to improve the efficiency of the health sector, facilitate the procedures and dealings of health practitioners, and partner with the Commission to ensure the success of its strategic plan, which focuses on raising the efficiency of the health sector by protecting and promoting health in the Kingdom. Through qualified health professionals at the highest standards and best practices, and depends on a number of axes in order to achieve the aspirations of health practitioners and to meet their professional needs and strengthen the capabilities of national talent.

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