• Saturday 20 October 2018
  • 11:04 PM

SCFHS Launches its First E-Service through "Mumaris" Program

07 July 2015

The Saudi Commission for Health Specialties launched an electronic service for issuing professional classification exam eligibility and an eligibility number to document qualifications to be classified by SCFHS (for foreign health practitioners).
This was explained by SCFHS's official spokesman and Public Relations Director Mr. Abdullah AL-Zhayyan who added that SCFHS has called on all public and private parties recruiting foreign health practitioners to ensure that their examination procedures are completed and their qualifications are documented prior to their arrival in the Kingdom.
 Mr. Al-Zhayyam pointed out that SCFHS has urged said parties to remind practitioners to complete said procedures and obtain eligibility numbers using Mumaris system on SCFHS's portal at www.scfhs.org.sa.
He also stated that, by this, SCFHS seeks to simplify the process for health practitioners and recruiting parties, ensure that unqualified practitioners do not enter the Kingdom, accelerate the procedures for practitioners who pass the professional classification exam and complete the documentation of their qualifications and issue them with their professional registration cards upon arrival in the Kingdom.

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