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SCFHS Holds the Occupational Classification Examination for Graduates of Public and Private Medicine Schools in the Kingdom

07 July 2015

The Saudi Commission for Health Specialties will hold the occupational classification examination for all graduates of public and private "medicine schools" in the Kingdom on Saturday, Safar 7, 1436 H; corresponding to November 29, 2014 AD. According to SCFHS's spokesman and Public Relations Director Mr. Abdullah Al-Zhayyan, this examination is the first stage and is completely free of charge. He also stated that successful applicants will be exempted from the need to reset this exam soon for occupational classification purposes once it "becomes available online", and that the exam will be in paper format, will last for three and half hours and will commence at 9:00 a.m. Mr. Al-Zhayyan also explained that the examination will be held in SCFHS's branches in Riyadh, Jeddah, Al Khobar and Abha; and that applicants must register by visiting one of SCFHS's branches or sending their application forms by fax to No. (0114807290) or via email to (a.almajid@scfhs.org). He also added that the required documents are a copy of the Bachelor Degree, a letter certifying that the applicant is in his/her internship year (if not already submitted to SCFHS), copy of the identification document; passport or residency permit for non-Saudis, in addition to completing the (attached) form on SCFHS's web site.
Mr. Al-Zhayyan concluded by wishing everyone success.

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