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SCFHS Carries Out a Successful Evacuation Drill in Cooperation with Relevant Parties

30 June 2015

The Saudi Commission for Health Specialties, in cooperation with the General Department of Civil Defense in Riyadh; Saudi Red Crescent Authority and Diplomatic Quarter Security Force, carried out an evacuation drill at its main office in the Diplomatic Quarter in Riyadh. The drill was aimed at enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of participating SCFHS staff and assessing SCFHS's ability to deal with fire scenarios and implement safety systems in light of the directions of H.E Prof. Abdulaziz Al Saigh, SCHS's Secretary General, concerning the adoption of a scientific and practical approach in training programs offered to SCFHS's employees.

21 members of SCFHS staff participated in the evacuation drill while the participating parties contributed four vehicles; including two ambulances with a command vehicle and mobile hospital and fire engine with a command vehicle; while the Diplomatic Quarter Security Force undertook external traffic control in cooperation with SCFHS's Safety and Security Department.

The drill was started with a meeting of participating parties attended by SCFHS Planning and Development Director, Civil Defense representative Colonel Abdullah Al-Suhaibani and Red Crescent representative Mr. Nahar AL-Ajami; to provide the participants with relevant instructions and then divide them into two groups with a leader and two injured people for each so as to commence the evacuation process. Once the readiness of the participants was confirmed, the warning siren was set off, the participants started the evacuation process and injured people were dealt with by the medical teams of the Red Crescent and Civil Defense. Once the participants reached the assembly point, they were checked by Civil Defense staff and teams' evacuation officers, and the entire evacuation process was overseen by Civil Defense officers.

After the completion of the evacuation drill, SCFHS expressed its thanks and gratitude to participating Civil Defense officers and Red Crescent team for their contribution to the success of this drill in a record time just under one minute. In his turn, the Civil Defense representative, Colonel Abdullah Al-Suhaibani, thanked all the participants for their responsiveness and proper adherence to evacuation instructions.

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