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SCFHS Explains: The Number of Forgers Depicted in the Media is the Total Number Discovered since the Establishment of SCFHS in 1413 H

09 June 2015

SCFHS stated that in the last few days it noted that a number of newspapers, e-magazines and social networks have been circulating what was published in the media regarding the number of persons caught using forged documents as part of their applications for classification through the review procedures in place in SCFHS. SCFHS explained that truth about the numbers depicted in the media by means of a statement announced by SCFHS spokesperson Mr. Abdullah Al-Zhayyan on 13/8/1436 H and published by most newspapers and web sites in the Kingdom from its source (Saudi Press Agency-SPA) as published on SCFHS's web site and is still displayed on its home page. SCFHS has noticed that a number of columnists are still circulating the number referred to prior to SCFHS's explanation, although their newspapers have published the statement of SCFHS's spokesman on this subject through their daily pages and web sites. This has caused confusion to readers due to the usual credibility enjoyed by local newspapers when addressing public matters.
SCFHS would like to thank the local newspapers and their columnists who are concerned with local and health affairs in our beloved Kingdom for their sincere concern driven by keenness on serving national interest; and hereby confirms that what was published in SCFHS's annual report for 1435/1436 – 2014 Ad and circulated by the media regarding SCFHS's efforts in the area of review represents the total cases discovered since the establishment of SCFHS in 1413 H.
SCFHS would also like to explain that the standard procedure upon discovering any such case is to be extremely cautious and promptly suspend the relevant practitioner from performing any health-related profession by communicating with relevant authorities to suspend and prosecute the offender. The penalty includes being added to the list of persons prohibited from working in GCC states too even if forged documents are not related to professional qualification such as certificates of experience, or misleading information provided when filling out the professional classification and registration form. SCFHS stressed that the number of practitioners blacklisted due to forgery since the establishment of SCFHS in 1413 H represents merely 0.63% of a total of 480 thousand practitioners registered and classified by SCFHS in various health care categories. SCFHS hereby calls upon the media and media professionals to publish authenticated information by directly communicating with SCFHS's official spokesman or contacting SCFHS Public Relations and Media Department.

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