• Tuesday 23 October 2018
  • 04:58 AM

SCFHS: 3026 Forged Certificates Discovered over 23 Years and not One Year

01 June 2015

Mr. Abdullah AL-Zhayyan, SCFHS Public relations and Media Director and Spokesman, commented on what has been circulated by the Media regarding the discovery of 3026 forged medical certificates for health practitioners in the Kingdom in 2014, by explaining that the published number is the number of forgers of certificates discovered by SCFHS over 23 years since its establishment.
In a press release issued today, he said: "The number of forgers of health care certificates discovered since the establishment of SCFHS in 1413 H has reached 3026 health practitioners and not in one year as claimed in the media." He explained that the number of practitioners registered with SCFHS has reached 480 thousand this year, of which forgers account to only 0.63 %.

Last Update 7/28/2015 2:58 PM