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Prof. Al-Emran Honors Employees of the Months of Safar, Rabi' Al-Awwal and Rabi' Al-Thani in the Monthly Meeting

04 May 2015

The Deputy Secretary General Prof. Suleiman Al-Emran honored a number of employees of the month in the monthly meeting organized by the Public Relations and Media Department in Prince Sultan Convention Center at SCFHS Main Office in the Diplomatic Quarter. 
Prof. Al-Emran commended the important role of SCFHS employees and continuous development of staff providing services to health practitioners. He also stressed that employees play an important role in enhancing the image of SCFHS, and commended the success of the 2nd SCFHS's International Conference held recently which was highly praised. Prof. AL-Emarn also expressed his congratulations for opening SCFHS' Administration and Finance Head Office in Dammam.
Prof. Al-Emran also inaugurated the ERP system on SCFHS's intranet which is added to internal systems to help eliminate paper transactions and promote electronic transactions; as SCFHS aspires to achieve integration between all electronic systems by the end of this year in order to convert all its transaction to electronic form.
Eight employees were honored as follows:
Employees of the month of Safar 1436 H are: Hanadi Al-Rashed and Noha AL-Rashidi of Jeddah Branch.
Employees of the month of Rabi' Al-Awwal 1436 H are: Abdul Aziz Al-Nuzha of Ha'el Branch, Abdullah Al-Haidari of Jeddah Branch and Khaled AL-Waznah of Medina Branch.
Employees of the month of Rabi' A-Akher 1436 H are: Mohammad Haddadi of Jazan Branch, Salwa Al-Abrah of the Training and Supervision Department and Khaled AL-Issa of the ICT Department.
Prof. Al-Emran also honored a number of employees who played a significant role in the successful initial operation of Dammad Branch; namely: Fawaz AL-Shahri, Hossam Kamal, Khaled Al-Issa and Sultan Al-Ghamedi.


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