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SCFHS Discusses Several Aspects of its Strategic Plan

28 April 2015

Yesterday, and as part of its efforts to develop its second five-year strategic plan, SCFHS held a workshop in its Main Office in the Diplomatic Quarter in Riyadh to discuss its strategic plan; with the attendance of a number of members of Shura Council and a group of health care leaders in the Kingdom. The workshop addressed several points related to training including the mechanism, method, implementation and value of current output in the health care market.
At the beginning of the workshop, the Secretary General introduced the attendants to SCFHS's role in improving the training overseen thereby and increasing the number of training centers both in the Kingdom and abroad to ensure high quality outputs; which would help improve health standards in the Kingdom. 
Mr. Abdullah Al-Zhayyan, the Public Relations and Media Director and Spokesman, stated that: "The workshop hosted foreign speakers who are specialized in developing training strategies and have presented international experiences in this area". Mr. Al-Zhayyan pointed out that this workshop will continue today, Monday, to cover all the items of the agenda which are: Reviewing the development of strategy in areas of registration and classification, medical education and continuous professional development ." and added that: "By organizing the training workshop, SCFHS aims to promote the concept of training in the health sector, present the experiences of various countries in this area and present SCFHS's achievements in this respect and to establish health training that observes the highest medical and scientific standards in the world; while the second workshop on registration and classification and continuous medical education aims to review other countries' experiences in this area and present the attendants with the level of specialization achieved by SCFHS in the area of registration and classification and continuous medical education which reflects SCFHS's keenness on improving its strategic plans in this rapidly developing and vital area. These workshops will lead to the development of SCFHS's second five-year strategic plan." 

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