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SCFHS start the Third International Conference on "Health Specialties"

30 December 1899


The third scientific conference of the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties was launched today with the attendance of Deputy Minister of Health for Planning and Development Fahd Al-Jalajel and the participation of international and local speakers in the field of medical education and vocational training.​

The Deputy Minister of Health toured the exhibition accompanying the conference and was briefed on the participation of a number of health authorities and their role in training and medical education.

The Secretary-General of the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties, Dr. Ayman bin Asaad Abdo, welcomed the guests and thanked the Minister of Health Dr. Tawfiq Al-Rabiah. Health in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Authority is the best-trained and highest-quality health competency, and our way to improve health is through health practitioners, trainers, leaders of medical education and health training in the Kingdom.

The Secretary-General said that the conference was a great opportunity to communicate with specialists worldwide and to benefit from experiences and exchange views and ideas to seek the development of medical education.

He pointed out that the Scientific Committee of the Conference prepared a work program that will enrich the conference and will benefit the participants. He pointed out that the Authority will work with all its powers to improve the efficiency of the health sector and seek to improve the outputs of training and work with the training bodies to achieve the objectives of the strategic plan of the body. "And the National Transition Program 2020.

The Secretary-General thanked all those who participated in the conference, pointing out that this great cooperation will enrich the field and contribute to the presentation and discussion of a lot of ideas that deal with training, and will benefit from all parties.

During the ceremony, the Deputy Minister of Health honored the sponsors of the conference, expressing his thanks and appreciation to them for what they have done.

On the first day, Dr. Fahad Al-Sunaidi gave a lecture on the social responsibility of the doctor, in which he addressed a number of social and media aspects of the doctors, urging the need to benefit from the doctor's experience and to be closer to the community. To give the community their expertise and knowledge.

Al-Sunaidi pointed out that the Saudi doctor is considered one of the best and most efficient doctors in the world, and health services in the Kingdom are higher than in most of the developed world.

The conference also witnessed the launching of a number of workshops and sessions for international and local speakers that touched on the topics related to training and medical education and its mechanisms.

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