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"Health Specialties" vow to "identity swindlers" in their tests

30 December 1899


The Saudi Commission for Health Specialties stressed that it stands firmly against any misconduct, especially the impersonation of persons, during the seizure process. He tried to enable another person to sit for a test in an emergency testing center. For such an offense.

The official spokesman of the "Commission" Abdullah Al-Zahayan, that the regulations of "the Commission" in respect of cheating in the occupational classification tests serious and strict as it reaches the prevention of work and notify the competent authorities to take the necessary.

Al-Zahayan added that the occupational classification list determines in the second chapter of the health practitioner the penalties for cheating in the case of proven and established to achieve the highest rates of commitment since the health practice directly related to the safety of patients and society. Any complacency will negatively affect the quality of health service.

He added that the centers where the tes​ts of the Authority has the experience and the ability to control high impersonation attempts through advanced technical means, calling on health practitioners to demonstrate the ethics of the health practitioner where the Authority assumes in the practitioner awareness and awareness and interest in developing himself to serve the community​

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