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 Mohammad Eid Mahmoud Mahfouz

 Ass.-Professor of Surgery at College of Medicine, Taif University. Consultant Laparoscopic & Thoracic Surgeon, Program Director GS Residency Training Program, Director of Training, CE&Researches at KFMC-Taif.

Contact Information

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Work Instituation:

 Taif University, College of Medicine







​Facharzt (German Board) of General Surgery
CCST (Mutual Recognition of EU Governments)
Facharzt (German Board) of Visceral Surgery
German Board of Laparoscopic Surgery
Facharzt (German Board) of Thoracic Surgery
National Surgical Quality Improvement Program, American College of Surgeon, Chicago, USA

Research Area of Interest


​Improving outcomes in laparocopic and thoracoscopic surgery
Improving outcomes in ERCP procedure
Patient safety
Performance of retrospective data review as well as coordination of randomized trials
Long-term quality of life improvement assessments
Quality measure indicator development



​„Laparoscopic Appendectomy as Training Procedure for all Stages of Appendicitis“
M. Müller, A. Terzic, A. Rodehorst, M. Mahfouz, Th. Böttger / Zentralbl Chir 2007; Feb 2007,
Issue 01, 132: 10-15

Oral Paper Presentation:
Total Extraperitoneal Preperitoneal Hernia Repair (TEP) or Lichtenstein Repair for Senior Patients
M. Mahfouz
2012;Feb14, 6th Taif Digestive Diseases and Surgery Conference, Taif-KSA

Laparoscopic Thoracoscopic Esophagectomy
M. Mahfouz
2012;Feb14, 6th Taif Digestive Diseases and Surgery Conference, Taif-KSA

Lap. Heller Toupet vs. lap. Heller Dor for Achalasia Surgical Management
M. Mahfouz
2011;Feb10, 5th Taif Digestive Diseases and Surgery Conference, Taif-KSA

“Successful minimally invasive surgical Management of Achalasia” [german]
M. Mahfouz, Th. Böttger / Reinkenheider Informations Zeitung RIZ 06.2006 – S3

„Laparoscopic Sigmoid Resection for Diverticulitis in Hinchey Stages I-IV“
M. Mahfouz, A. Terzic, M. Müller, A. Rodehorst, Th. Böttger / 15th Pan Arab Surgeons Association Conference, Manama, Bahrain 18-20.12.2005

„Laparoscopic Myotomy with Dor vs. Toupet – A prospective Study“ [german]
M. Mahfouz, M. Müller, A. Terzic, G. Hohlbach, Th. Böttger / 14. Hamburger MIC-Symposium, 11 Jahrestagung der CAMIC 4-5.11.2005

„Laparoscopic Pancreatectomy as a Standard Intervention in benign and semi malignant Tumors”
Th. Böttger, A. Terzic, M. Müller, M. Mahfouz / VIII. Visceral Surgery Week Wagrain 5-12.03.2005

„Vacuum Assisted Closure in a Case of an 81 Years old Female Patient with posttraumatic extensive infected necrotizing Fasciitis of the lower Limb before and after Mesh Graft” [german]
M. Mahfouz, J. Loick, S.A. Mahfouz, G. Hohlbach

“Experiences with Laparoscopic Re-Operations with Failure of primary Treatment after conventional or Laparoscopic Antireflux Operation” [german]
„H.G. Schulz¹, J. Loick¹, K. Schneiders², M. Mahfouz², G. Hohlbach
German Surgery Congress / Berlin 2003

“The Laparoscopic Antireflux Surgery in older Patients” [german]
K.Schneiders¹, M. Mahfouz¹, H.G. Schulz², G. Hohlbach Marienhospital 1- Herne, Surgical Departments, Ruhr University Bochum / Herne 2002

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