• Saturday 17 March 2018
  • 09:16 AM

 Arwa Ali Alsayed

 Consultant and Head of Periodontics and Implant Divisions- Head of Dental Research and Biomaterials Center- Chairman of the Saudi Fellowship Program in Periodontics - Director of the Saudi Board in Periodontics- Fellow of the American College of Dentists

Contact Information

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Work Instituation:

 Prince Sultan Militray Medical City







BDS - Bachelor Degree in Dentistry (1989)
MS - Diploma in Periodontics (1993)
MSc - Master Degree in Implantology (1996)
MSC - Master of Advanced Clinical Periodontology (2001)
Fellowship of  the American College of Dentists (2012)

Research Area of Interest


Osseointegraton at Bone - Implant Interface
Bone Inducing Biomarerials
Gene Mutations in Systemic and Dental Diseases



1- AL-SAYYED A, et al., : Predictable Crestal Bone Remodeling Around Two Porous-Coated Titanium Alloy Dental Implant Designs. A Radiographic Study in Dogs. Clin Oral Implant Res., 5: 131-141, 1994.
2- AL-SAYEYED A, et al., : Experience With Dental Implant Patients at Riyadh Armed Forces Hospital. Saudi Med J., 20(1): 50-55, 1999.
3- AL-SAYYED A, et al., : Biological Width and Crestal Bone Remodeling with Sintered Porous-Surfaced Dental Implants. A Study in Dogs. Int J Oral Maxillofac Implant, 23(3): 544-550, 2008.
4- AL SAYED A., : The Role of Androgen Receptor Gene in Cyclosporin Induced Gingival Overgrowth. J Periodont Res, 49: 609-614, 2014.
5- AL SAYED A., : Oral Cavity as an Extragastric Reservoir of Helicobacter Pylori. Gastroenterology, ID261369, 16-26, 2014.
6- AL SAYED A., : Comparative Evaluation of the Combined Application of Titanium Implant and Calcium Phosphate Bone Substitutes in a Rabbit Model. Clin Oral Implant Res., 24(3): 46-57, 2014.   

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