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 Moataz Mohammed Abdel-Fattah

 Full Professor of Bioinformatics & Medical Statistics -Consultant Public Health, Al-Hada Armed Forces hospital -Academic supervisor, preventive medicine & environmental health Diplomas -Advisor,Saudi Board programs of Family & Community Medicine

Contact Information

Email Address:


Work Instituation:

 Al-Hada Armed Forces Hospital





MBBS  ,   MSc, Environmental Sciences  

M.C.P.S (Membership  in Community Medicine) 

F.C.P.S  (Fellowship  in Community Medicine)

Research Area of Interest


-Research Methodology 
-Epidemiology of chronic diseases
-Infection control
-Intervention studies




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The electronic version of this article is the complete one and can be cited online at: http://www.egms.de/en/gms/2005-3/000024.shtml


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