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 Salah Mohammed Tubaigy

 Head of Medico legal Medicine Department Ministry interior, Senior Consultant in Medico Legal Medicine Ministry interior, Member of Scientific Board Committee ,Member of the Exam Committee Forensic Medicine, SCFHS, Vice President of Legal Medicine Society

Contact Information

Work Instituation:

 Forensic Medicine and Pathology Department of Criminal Evidence Institute, Public Security, Ministry Of Interior





​2010    Saudi Board-FLM, SA
2009    MFFLM, UK
2004    M.Sc in Forensic Medicine from   University of Glasgow, UK
2003    DFM (Diploma of Forensic Medicine) course for one year
2000    Certificate of High Institute for Security Study, SA with 1st position award
1997    MBBS from King Faisal University, SA

Research Area of Interest


​• Forensic Pathologist 2004-2009, investigating the cause of death by gathering the background information, medical history, death surrounding supported with autopsy for general identification features, postmortem changes and other external and internal findings.  Further investigation by histology to confirm, establish and uncover diagnosis, also to determine time scale, toxicology and neuropathology. Virtual autopsy, Investigating, sexual offences, sexual Assaultcases , child abuse and domestic violence. Death and injury in infancy, Child Assault and protection
• Law and  Ethics of medical practice (Saudi regulation), Asphyxia cases, immersion and drowning, Heat, cold, and electrical Trauma, , The medical aspect of death and the changes after death , Unexpected and sudden death from natural causes, Identification of living and the dead, blood stains, Assessment, classification and documentation of injury, the examination of wounds, diagnosing different type of  Injuries, transportation injuries, firearm and explosive injuries, Ballistic Injuries, Use of Force and restraint
• 2000-present work  and collaborate with different forensic laboratories including (Toxicology, DNA 
• General Practitioner 1998-2001, Riyadh, KSA.



1. Salah Tubaigy, Huda Hassan” Naegeli-Franceschetti-Jadassohn Syndrome in a Saudi Arabian Family : A Case Report” Journal of Forensic Sciences. Accepted for publication 8 Oct 2013
2. Mohammed Madadin, Mohamed Eldosary, Salah Almoghaniem, Ahmed Yasser Hafez, Mohamed Abdel Salam Mourad and Salah Tubaigy ”Homicidal deaths In Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia” Egyptian Journal of Forensic Sciences 1(3-4):114-117 (2011)
BOOK 1. Salah Tubaigy, Forensic Medicine Book in Arabic language. Editor,S. Tubaigy ,Riyadh, KSA. 2006.
• The first who introduce the virtual autopsy in Saudi Arabia and middle east, using very advanced technology. Riyadh, KSA  2012
• The first who discover the Naegeli-Franceschetti-Jadassohn Syndrome (NFJS) in a Saudi family as a first case in middle east and 5th case in the world. The case was presented in Cardiff, 2011. UK and it is accepted for publication.
• Certificate of High Institute for Security Study, SA with 1st position award

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