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instructions For Program Directors And Admins


Be sure to check back with us soon,  as we will be updating this page throughout the year.

​​ ​​​​​​​1. Lo​gin &​ eD​​ossier​ ov​er​vie​​w ​​​​​

Our team Sent a Register Fo​​rm to All Program Directors in th​e Kingdo​​me.

If You Submitted the form You Will Receive An Email About Your lo​gin Information .

* If Not Please enter Your info through This Link​​.

* Please make sure that you are in  the right group (Specialty, Center)if Not please Contact us One45@Scfhs.Org

​​​2. Add U​s​ers
1- To Add ​​​Residents , Choose One Of The Following Methods :
1.3-Add Residents individual
1.2-Import New Residents              
(Ent or​ Ext) As PGY Level 1 - Bulk         

1.1-Import ALL Residents For All PGY Levels - Bulk


2-​​​​ ​To Add ​​​Consultants, Choose One Of The Following Methods :
​2.2-Add Consult​ant individual
2.1 -Import Consultant - Bulk


3- Add contact info & program
 information to Setup > email messages

​​​ ​3.Rotations​
Verify your Rotations (setup > Manage Rotations) arecorrect

4. E​nte​r Resident Schedule (Choose One Of The Following Methods)
4.3 Import Schedual Planner.
Import The Schdule From Excel Sheet.
4.2 Rotation Planner.
using the rotation planner enables you to work on the schedules without learner having access to the information via their eDossier. 
when you​ are ready to send the information, 

you can release the rotation planenr information into the rotation schedule.

4.1 – Rotation Schedule.
All information in the rotation schedules is available to learners instantly.

How do I print/export my rotation schedule?

Resident/Student rotation lists report

Rotation Planner Overview

roll over my block dates

How do I enter my rotation schedule​

​​​ 5. Forms

Forms will be added for your Specialty by SCFHS Super Admin team

6. Evaluation Workflow
6.2-  Add DOP Form To The Rotation . (Special Setting)
6.2-  Sendout your Evaluations one block at a time through the first year
6.1 Add The Desired Form To the Rotation

* Note that DOPs form does not include the name of the procedure, thus it must be completed immediately after procedure.

7. Follow Up​
7.3​​ ​Add Handouts and Links
7.2 Program Direct​ors - Completing summary evaluations of residents
7.1 As admin/faculty, how do I distribute an evaluation form To the the correct evaluators?

7.5 Logbook releasor

8 - Track evaluations
8.3 bulk/single send
8.2 Use email reminders to bulk message those with outstanding evaluations
8.1 Distribute any evaluations from your sendouts workflow as needed

​​ 9-Reports

9.2 Log Exports

history of all resident p​rocedures that have been tracked for your program in an Excel spreadsheet

9.1 Log Reports

history of all resident procedures that have been tracked for your program, showing overall totals of each procedure tracked as well as overall totals of all logs tracked by each individual.

9.5 Report​ by Target.
to get a list of all Resident 's forms​ 
​9.4 Add  The Rest Of Assessments Marks To Every Residents - Final Marks
9.3 ​ITER Marks Report . 
To get The ITERs Marks For All Residents at Once .

​​​  10-Promotion



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