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Required CME hours for re-registration and instructions when attending CME activities


Required Hours

1 Year

3 Years

5 Years

Physicians and Dentists

30 hours

90 hours

150 hours

Pharmacists (Consultants)

20 hours

60  hours

100 hours

Applied Medical Specialties

(for Specialists and Consultants)

20 hours

60 hours

100 hours


10 hours

30 hours

50 hours


(Specialists and Consultants)

15 hours

45 hours

75 hours

The health practitioners who are exempted from the condition of obtaining CME hours for the purpose of re-registration are:
1. Health practitioners who are registered in postgraduate training programs
2. Health and patient assistants
3. Optical lab technicians
4. Health management technicians
5. Medical records technicians
6. Medical secretariat technicians
7. Medical equipment and health inspector technicians
8. Environmental technicians
9. Non-practicing health practitioners
1. Ensure that the activity is accredited by SCFHS by visiting this website, and check the information related to the activity (name, venue and date)
2. The activity should be in line with the practitioner field of specialty
3. Ensure that the CME hours obtained are in accordance with the specific categories illustrated by the table (article fifteen)
4. Attendance shall be for the whole period of the activity according to the period accredited by SCFHS
5. In the case of departmental activities, SCFHS shall suffice itself with the letter or certificate issued by the academic affairs or department head that includes the number and date of accreditation in addition to the activity's actual attendance hours during the year
6. Handwritten or scanned certificates shall not be accepted by SCFHS
7. The health practitioner shall be entitled to attend the accredited activity only once
8. All the provisions mentioned above shall apply to attending activities conducted outside KSA provided that they are provided by accredited scientific health institutions. The health practitioner shall bring an attendance certificate that includes the number of accredited hours or enclose the scientific program of the activity
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