instructions For Program Directors And Admins


Login & eDossier/Profile overview:

1. Overview
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2. Please make sure that you are in the right group (Specialty, Center).if Not please Contact us One45@Scfhs.Org

* Kindly add your personal information. Mandatory information are identified in the following picture:

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* If you have two accounts added to the system, kindly contact us with the last name and the email for each account so we can merge them for you.

 common question

How to change User's email and sent a login instructions?

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How to reset your password?

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Starting the academic year Setup
Needed For One Time at the beginning of theacademic year only

1-Trainer Addition/update:
Kindly add the new names to the rolodex/ consultant tap.


2- Roll up Schedule
make sure that you import the schedule from the last year.


3- Schedule/ Adding Rotation:

Start scheduling the new rotation for residents.


​​ If you wish to modify the Rotation List Kindly use setup/ manage rotation/ create

Manage Rotations

4- Evaluations setup:

Kindly use setup/workflow tap Add desired evaluation form for all rotations.

ITER Setup DOPs , Mini Cex Setup

5-Sendout the evaluations: 

Kindly use Sendout/Block :Monthly or 4 week or weekly .. etc

press the desired block to send evaluations form for all rotations

For more detailed information:

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