Instructions For Residents


1. Login & eDossier overview:

You are already have an account in ​One45..                                                                             


* If you have two accounts added to the system, kindly contact us with the last name and the email for each account so we can merge them for you. 

How to reset your password?

Click here

* Please reset your password by using the same email you have been using in training program. 

To view your rotations form and evolution’s result

Click here

* If you have any problems on this matter kindly contact your SCFHS program secretary or contact us at​

2. How to fill in a Log Procedure:

2.1 To fill a log procedure, please follow the steps:

Completing a Summary Evaluation of a Resident


3. Forms :

3.1 Dops form will be in your To Do list.
Please make sure to send it directly to your supervisor after the procedure :

Click here

3.2 How DOPS ( self sent ) form works:

Click here



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