• Thursday 15 November 2018
  • 10:56 PM

Postgraduate Examinations

​​​Postgraduate​ examinations aim to assess trainees at different levels of the training program and to ensure that trainees are competent to be awarded the Sau​di Board certificate at the end of their training period. 

Saudi board programs, involve multiple examinations which starts with the admission exam to determine the competency of the trainee to join the program. After which the trainee must pass the end-of-year examination to get promoted from one year to the next, Part I examination to get promoted from the junior to senior residency level, followed by Part II written and final clinical examination​, before the Saudi board certificate is awarded.

For other fellowships namely the Arab Board and Pakistani Fellowship, SCFHS participates in holding the exams and provides the necessary support to facilitate trainees attendance.​


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