• Wednesday 25 April 2018
  • 02:11 AM

Test references

  1. Kuby Immunology by Goldsby
  2. Understanding Immunology by Peter Wood
  3. Medical Microbiology by Patrick R Murray, Ken s, Rosenthal, george s , Kobayashi, Michael A , Pfaller
  4. Essential Hematology by Hoffbrand
  5. Modern Blood Banking and Tranfusion by Denise Harmening
  6. Clinical Parasitology by Beaver et al .
  7. Clinical Parasitology, Appleton and Lange by Brown H.W. and Neva F.A .
  8. Clinical Chemistry-Concepts, Applications, Philadelphia by Anderson, S. and Cockayne, S .
  9. Chemistry for the Health Sciences by Sackeim G.and Lehman D
  10. Greenspans Basic and Clinical Endocrinology by David gardners, Dolores Shoback
  11. ABC of Clinical Genetics, 3rd Edition by Kingston
  12. Medical Genetics at a Glance, 2nd Edition by Korf and Pritchard 

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