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Test references


Recommend References


1- An Introduction to Orthodontics, Third Edition, Laura Mitchell,
2007, Oxford: Oxford University Press.

2- Contempoary Orthodontics, Fourth Edition,

William R. Proffit, Henry W. Fields and David M. Sarver

2006, Saint Louis: Mosby, Inc.




1-Textbook of Operative Dentistry/L. Baum, Ralph W. Phillips,
Melvin R. Lund. Philadelphia: Saunders, 1995.

2-Fundamentals of Operative Dentistry: A Contemporary Approach, Third Edition, Summitt, James B. ,
Robbins, William J. , Hilton, Thomas J. , Schwartz, Richard S.Quintessence Pub. Co

3-Sturdevant's Art & Science of Operative Dentistry (Hardcover)
by Theodore M. Roberson (Editor), Harold O. Heymann(Editor),
Edward J. Swift Jr.(Editor)Publisher Mosby



Removable: 1-Complete Denture 5th Edition By Rahn,Hartwell.

2-Boucher's prosthodontic Treatment for Edentulous Patients 10th ed.

Fixed: 1-Contemporary Fixed Prosthodotics 4th edition By Rosensteil.

2-Fundamenals of Fixed Prosthodontics 3rd Edition by shillinburg



1- Carranza's Clinical Periodontology by Michael G. Newman DDS ,
Henry Takei DDS, Fermin A. Carranza Dr. Odont

2- Clinical Periodontology and Implant Dentistry

Dental Material


1- Philips Science Of Dental Materials: 11th Edn. - Kenneth J. Anusavice. Publisher: Elsevier Science
2- Restorative Dental Materials - 12 Edn. Robert G. Craig Publisher: CV Mosby, Feb. 20062- Clinical Periodontology and Implant Dentistry

3- Notes On Dental Materials - E.C. Combe Publisher: Kluwer Academic Publishers
4- Applied Dental Materials. McCabe, John F. Walls, Angus W. G.Publishers: Blackwell Pub


1- Pediatric Dentistry Infancy Through Adolescence By: Pinkham,J.R.,4th Edition,2005

2-Dentistry for the Child and Adolescent By:Macdonald,R.E.AND Avery
,D.R 8TH Edition ,2005;Mosby Co,Inc

3- Fundamental of Pediatric Dentistry By:Mathewson RJ,Primosch RE Third Edition,1995


1- Endodontics By Ingel 6th edition

2- Pathways of the Dental Pulp 10th Edition by Cohen and Burns

Oral Medicine and
Oral Pathology

1- Oral Medicine Burket's Oral Medicine by Lynch, Brightman,

Greenburg, 11th edition pmph usa; 2008

2- Oral Pathology A Textbook of Oral Pathology by Shafer W., Hine M.

and Levy B. 4th edition,W.B Saunders Co., Philadelphia 2009 Edu.Elsevier India, New Delhi

Oral Surgery

1-Peterson Principle of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery By Peterson

2-Local Anesthesia in Dentistry

3-Dental Management of Compromised Patient By: James.W.little and Donald A.Falace

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